Bible studies (Spring & Fall Semesters): These adult studies serve the purpose of intentional discipleship through the in-depth study of God’s Word. 
Life Groups: The Life groups of NCC are small groups with the purpose of connecting the body of Christ with one another through sharing life together. These groups serve to offer godly support at various life stages through friendship and community. See each leader for additional information.
REAL: Relationships, Encouragement, Accountability, and Laughter – a small group for college and career ladies. This group is led by Heather Rinn and meets at the church on Sunday evenings from 5:30-7:00. (Currently, continuing to meet through ZOOM.)
Armor Bearers – a small group for adults of all ages. This group originally was for adults over age 50. But the Lord has changed their vision to include adults of all ages at every stage of life. This group is led by David and Martha Moore. They meet the 4th Saturday of each month at various locations. Many of them also meet for lunch weekly just because they love being together. (Currently, has suspended all activities.)
Ministries for children, teens, and college and career: Each of these ministries serve both to teach God’s Word and to connect believers to one another in friendship and community.
C4Kids – Volunteers lead our children weekly in children’s church on Sunday morning with fun and inspiring Bible lessons.
UnVeiled – Tim Laurent leads our student ministry each Wednesday night at the church from 7-8:15.
P4G – Justin and Whitney Gallaway lead our college and career ministry each Monday night at the church at 7:00. (Currently continuing to meet through ZOOM or Facebook Live.)
Please contact/email us for more information.

C4 Kids (ages 4-12)

Children will be able to worship with their families during praise and singing and then enjoy a Bible lesson, games and activities with ministry helpers during the preaching.

P4G College & Career Ministry (18-30)

Justin and Whitney Gallaway lead our college and career group each Monday night at the church at 7:00. (Currently meeting on Facebook live)